Recommended WordPress shared hosting providers

WordPress Shared Hosting Providers

imageOur customer often ask us which shared hosting service for WordPress they should use. We always have a number of recommendations to provide and it is ideal for us to list them down here.

The short answer is any web hosting company that support PHP 5.2.4 or higher, MySQL 5.0 or higher, Apache or nginx recommended. Having said this, not all hosting providers provides the best WordPress hosting experience. So here is our list of recommended WordPress hosting providers


Bluehost is one among the top WordPress shared hosting provider. Their $6.95/month plan (yearly contract) is a great plan for starting your WordPress site. They have Customized WordPress hosting facilities and can be handy for anyone. They offer 1-Click installation, Free domain, $100 Google advertising credits etc. Find more details at Bluehost


InMotion webhosting provides customized WordPress hosting services. Similar to other providers, InMotion has the 1-click install and Free domain services. Their lowest plan (starts at $6.99, yearly), which is “Launch” gives you unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfer. Additionally, you could host two domains in one account and you get a &75 credit towards Google advertising.

Webhosting Hub

Webhosting Hub is a shared hosting provider who gives unlimited domains, 1 domain free for 1 year and a 90 days money back period. This also gives unlimited diskspace, bandwidth, MySQL databases and email addresses. they will cost you around 6.99 on an yearly contract. This will help you in building test sites at no additional cost. There is a $200 Google credit as well for new sign ups.


With $6.95 / month (yearly contract) you get a free domain name (use the code FREEDOMAIN), unlimited diskpace, MySQL databases, emails & bandwidth and $125 Advertising credits. If you are not satisfied, they also offer any time money back guarantee.


GoDaddy is the cheapest among the lot at the time of this writing. At $ 2.99 per month (yearly contract) you get 100GB space, 10 MySQL DBs and 100 email addresses. However, a higher plan provides some more additional options, which you may want to check out at GoDaddy Site. I have been using GoDaddy for a long time for my clients who need a cheap webhosting solution.


Hostgator WordPress hosting costs you around $5.56 per month (yearly contract). It allows 1 domain with unlimited diskspace and bandwidth. The deal also includes a $100 Google credits and 45 days money back guarantee


LiquidWeb is the most expensive in this list. With a $14.95 / month, you can register and host 2 domains, 120 GB bandwidth, 5GB disk space.


Dreamhost seems to be a bit more expensive than some other WordPress hosting listed here. With a $8.95 per month, they give you a 100% uptime guarantee. Additionally, they provide features like unlimited databases, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth etc. Unlike other hosting providers, they also give you ssh access to the server, which is a great way to manage many things while in the advanced mode.More than that, they are giving you a 97 day money back period.

Do you host with any of them? What is your feedback?

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