WordPress Caching Plugin

WordPress caching and some plugins to support you WordPress caching requirements

Caching is an important function for any dynamic website. Loading webpages using Php and MySQL is often resource intensive and slows down the performance. This will become more evident as you load your site with lots of content and you have tons of visitors. Here are some caching plugins that can help you speed up WordPress sites

W3 Total Cache

imageI use W3 Total Cache in most of the websites we are engaged with to achieve WordPress Performance Optimization. W3 Total Cache provides advanced Caching featuring and can be integrated with PHP APC, XCache, Memcached etc.

Many WordPress hosting companies have built in support for W3 Total Cache. This makes it more acceptable within the WordPress community.

WP Super Cache

When the hosting provider lacks the support required for W3 Total Cache in some way or other, the next plugin I use is WP Super Cache. This plugin is one among the most widely used  caching plugin and has downloaded by the community twice than W3 Total Cache. If the plugin is set up in the correct way, it can handle almost 99% of your site traffic using static files. This gives no load on your php engine and increases WordPress performance

Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is another WordPress caching plugin which can be used in low resource hosting providers. Depening on the WordPRess hosting environment, it may perform better than the above plugins. This plugin as well supports the IIS environments

When someone browse your website, they spent more time waiting for downloading the style sheets, images, scripts etc. At the server, the server resources are used for running the files through Php engine. All this can be reduced by minimizing file sizes which needs to be downloaded and reducing the processing at the server

WordPress cache plugins can significantly improve the performance of WordPress sites by reducing load on your server and database. If you use cache plugins, which one is that you use?

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