Why WordPress is so Popular?

wordpress-265132_960_720WordPress is a versatile content management system (CMS) which can be used to create a simple blog to complex websites and mobile applications. Many top brands like Time Magazine, CNN, eBay, Facebook, Google and more use WordPress due to its ease of use and extreme flexibility. Due to its robust features, over the years, it has gained so much popularity. Here is a list of reasons for its popularity.

WordPress is Free

WordPress is FREE. You can download, install, use and modify it free of cost. Moreover, it is open source, i.e, source code is available to anyone to study, modify and play with. You can create beautiful websites with it. WordPress has thousands of free themes and plugins which you can download and use it as you wish. All you need is a domain and web hosting. There are a lot of web hosting providers like Bluehost, SiteGround etc.

WordPress is SEO friendly

WordPress by design is very SEO friendly and moreover, it supports a lot of SEO plugins that helps your website to look more attractive to search engines. As per the latest algorithm update by Google which focuses on fresh, original content, and WordPress makes adding content easy for its users.

WordPress is Secure and Safe

WordPress provides a highly secure environment for its users. Regular updates are made on WordPress to protect from most of the vulnerabilities. You can enhance the security features by using recently updated plugins and also by updating WordPress to its recent version. It is always recommended to download plugins from WordPress.org or any other trusted source.

Also, use tools like Wordfence Security as well as WP Security and Firewall  which provides more protection to your website.

WordPress is easy to Customize

You can easily change colors,fonts, design etc. even without knowing the coding technique. You can customize your WordPress website either through its super user-friendly control panel. WordPress dashboard is really simple and you can complete the customization in no time. Or else if you are expert in coding, you can customize through editing the code of your theme.It’s really simple!!

Large Community Support

WordPress comes with a large support community and it is there to  provide solutions to your problems in web development and customization.It comes with millions of queries and solutions for troubleshooting.

WordPress supports different Media Types

WordPress is not just text content. It can handle media types like images, videos, and audio content. You can also embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Tweets, and Soundcloud audio by just pasting the URL in your post.

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