Tips for WordPress Beginners

You have installed WordPress and now expects it to start delivering results. Blogging doesn’t work that way, WordPress neither. You need to do certain things to make your WordPress site look and feel the way you want.

Setting up Permalinks

WordPress, by default, uses unclean URLs. Unclean URLs are not very search engine friendly. It is important to make your URLs search engine friendly so that search engines find and list them.

image Ensure that your WordPress hosting supports clean URLs.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and mouse over to Settings menu and select the link Permalinks

Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks


Select your URL style and save the changes. This will make a better URL format which is search engine optimized

Shorten the URLs

Now that you have setup the URL format, it is a good idea to shorten the URLs to further down, meaning full keywords. You don’t need to load your URL with a lot of text in it. It will be an easy read, if the URL is short.

For example

will become


Planning for the Future

imageI have heard that one of the reasons towards blogging success is consistent posting in your blog. WordPress posts can be scheduled to  a future date. To do this, just change the publishing date to a future date. Publish your blogs on the time your most visitors go online.


Formatting Changes

imageIt is probable that you do your editing in word or other text editors. When you copy that to the WordPress editor, the formatting also follows. To remove the formatting, choose the remove formatting button after selecting all the text.

imageYou will find this button in the “Kitchen Sink” area of the editor. This will reveal the above menu and you can choose the appropriate formatting after words from the same menu.


Images in the post

When you insert images in the post, you can add some additional text into the meta of the image. This includes a Title, where that text will appear on the image when you hover over the image. Using Alternative Text (ALT) would be useful for anyone who uses a text browser

Widget Area usage

As someone blogged, Side bar is not your kitchen sink. It is not required to put every widget in the sidebar. You need to choose your widget areas wisely and decide what goes into the footer and what goes into the other places. It is also important to decide the widgets you should not be using

That’s all for now… Happy blogging with WordPress

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