List of free WordPress Security Plugins

List of Free WordPress Security plugins

Free WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress security is always an important aspect of any website owner. In a typical scenario WordPress security is the security of the WordPress application. However, it is also important to have the underlying operating system and the webserver application secure. To achieve maximum security you need to achieve security at both levels.

There are millions of WordPress sites in the internet. An average hacker, who is not specifically targeting your website, is just looking for a week site to hack. The below security considerations are going to help you strengthen your WordPress security to a level higher than the other WordPress sites.

You just need to outrun the slowest in the group to save yourself from the attacker.

Here is list of plugins that will help you run ahead of the slowest in the WordPress community

1. Bullet Proof Security

Bullet Proof Security helps you protect your WordPress Installation by protecting them at the.htaccess level. Improves the database security, protects php.ini, wp-config.php, bb-config.php. Removes unwanted Meta information.

2. Wordfence Security

Wordfence is a very good WordPress Security plugin with a Firewall, antivirus scanning. They claim to verify and repair your WordPress core, plugins and themes even if there is no backup, (not tested by us). It supports 2 factor authentication, which will keep away the brute force attackers away.Built in support for scanning backdoors.

3. Better WP Security

Better WP Security is focusing on Obscure, Protect, Detect and Recover aspects of WordPress Security. It removes a lot of WordPress standard information so that it wouldn’t normally looks like a WordPress site. Prevention is achieved by scanning the site, banning known malicious bots, enforce strong passwords and SSL, etc. Another thing it does is monitoring for file changes and then detecting any unauthorized changes. It is also capable of creating and emailing backups on a predefined schedule.

4. WP Security Scan

A good plugin for scanning you WordPress Security. It checks for file permissions, Database security, password strength etc. The plugin support is visible until version 3.3.2, We have tested it on version 3.5.2 of WordPress and it works. Please test it on your WordPress environment before using it in the production WordPress installation

5. WP Login Security 2

This is an interesting plugin. It will allow users from known IP Addresses to go though without challenging. However, if you try to login from an unknown host, it will send you a challenge to your email with a onetime key. This is a very good useful detecting and preventing WordPress brute force attacks

6. Login Security Solution

This plugin helps administrators by tracking IP, name, password. Enforces very strong passwords, uses a delay technique for failed attempts and I feel it is extremely useful in a brute force attack. The focus is on making strong passwords

7. Block Bad queries

This plugin helps you from malicious URL requests. BBQ checks for all traffic and blocks the malicious URL requests.

8. WordPress File Monitor Plus

It is a bit old plugin, but works well with 3.5.2 when tested. This plugin monitors file changes and sends an email when a change is detected. this would help you get a notification when there is a change to your files.

9. Update notifications

Keeping your WordPress installation updated is important for your WordPress Security. This plugin helps you getting notified about any updates of WordPress Core, WordPress plugins in use as well as your WordPress themes. This will eliminate the need of checking the server every now and then to see if there are any plugins pending update. offers managed WordPress Security Services. If you would like to get these plugins installed, you can get the team help you out for as low as $69.00

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