How do you use WordPress for a website that’s not in a blog format?

Building business websites using WordPress

Developing websites using WordPress is very common these days. WordPress is originally designed for creating blogs. Over the time, WordPress has changed itself into a CMS. In these days, many corporate websites are built on WordPress as their CMS.

Using a combination of Pages, Custom post types and posts, it is possible for anyone to build a amazingly user friendly CMS website.

A typical design for a corporate website would be to have a

  • Header
  • Slider
  • 3 or 4 Boxes below the slider
  • Footer

What are the various options you have to build corporate sites using WordPress?

The Header Area can be a standard header of your preferred theme. Ensure that your theme supports Logo uploads so that you can upload your corporate logo

Slider is the area where you can have few images rotating through some jQuery scripts. Here you can have HTML5 elements as well to convey actionable messages. There are a number of WordPress Themes that supports this

The blocks below the slider can be build either using widgets or using HTML in the page, by means of shortcodes or plain html. Please note, using HTML or a lot of shortcodes could affect the performance and hence its usage should be limited.

Use the “Pages” for individual page content instead of posts.

Create custom menu and add your pages into the menu so that they will be presented in the right placeholders and follow a useful hierarchy

What are your ideas of building a corporate website using WordPress?

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