User Role Management in WordPress

WordPress comes with its own user role management system. User roles and permissions are definitely a crucial part for proper management of your website.It controls what users can and cannot do on your website.It allows you to decide which user can have what permissions. i.e, who should have right to do administrative tasks, write/approve/upload content, plugin and theme… Read More »

Why WordPress is so Popular?

WordPress is a versatile content management system (CMS) which can be used to create a simple blog to complex websites and mobile applications. Many top brands like Time Magazine, CNN, eBay, Facebook, Google and more use WordPress due to its ease of use and extreme flexibility. Due to its robust features, over the years, it… Read More »

Icon Fonts for WordPress

Icon Fonts are quite a familiar term now. Most of the WordPress sites, even the basic ones use icon fonts. Let’s have a look at what are they,why are they used and some of the best icon fonts used these days. What are Icon Fonts? Icon Fonts use symbols and pictograms instead  of text, but… Read More »

Avada WordPress Theme Review

Avada is one of the best seller among WordPress Theme with more than 200,000 customers using it.What makes Avada a best seller? Avada has a great set of features, options and tools making it the most versatile theme on the market.It is a complete package and you can create a beautiful website within a snap of… Read More »

Top 5 WordPress Form Builder Plugins 2016

For registration,surveys, feedback, contact etc and etc ,what every website need is a proper form. It is a very basic necessity when it comes to collecting data from the users. Forms should be user-friendly, look premium, should be responsive and with lots of proper customization options. Here is a list of best WordPress form builder… Read More »

WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress Shortcodes as the name suggests, is a very short code which help us to do useful things very easily. Shortcodes are placed in square [ ] brackets. Hence when WordPress sees these shortcodes, it understands that these shortcodes should be replaced with some dynamic content. These dynamic content is created by a PHP function.… Read More »

5 Restaurant WordPress Themes

There has been a rising trend where people search online for the restaurants, check their menu on the web and finalize on where they should dine. Hence there has been a increase in the need for restaurant websites. But most of the restaurants can’t afford to have a complete professional website which might be an… Read More »

Welcome to WordPress 3.7

Just happened to test one of the WordPress Security plugins on our 3.5.2 stable test server as well as on the 3.6 RC2 WordPress installation. As part of performing the integrity tests, I have upgraded the 3.6 RC2 to the latest version. To my surprise, I got the “Welcome to WordPress 3.7” page in the… Read More »

List of free WordPress Security Plugins

Free WordPress Security Plugins WordPress security is always an important aspect of any website owner. In a typical scenario WordPress security is the security of the WordPress application. However, it is also important to have the underlying operating system and the webserver application secure. To achieve maximum security you need to achieve security at both… Read More »

Tips for WordPress Beginners

You have installed WordPress and now expects it to start delivering results. Blogging doesn’t work that way, WordPress neither. You need to do certain things to make your WordPress site look and feel the way you want. Setting up Permalinks WordPress, by default, uses unclean URLs. Unclean URLs are not very search engine friendly. It… Read More »